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A. E. Fleming Company
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AArbor Colorants
Organic dry pigments, water based dispersions, pearlescent pigments, flushed (quick set) colorants for ink, PE flush colors for plastics
AluChem, Inc.
Calcined Aluminas; abrasive and refractory materials
Ball Corporation
Metal Cans; Gallon and Quart Round, lined/unlined; metal pails
Attapulgite clays (thickeners and sorbents).
Burgess Pigment Co.
Hydrous, Calcined Clays, Air Floated Clay, Silane Treated Clay
Steel Pails, Plastic Pails, EZ Stor Containers, Tight Head
Cimbar Performance Minerals
Barium Sulfate, Bentonite
Everlight Chemical
UV Absorbers and Light Stabilizers - Benzophenones, Benzotriazoles, and HALs
Greif Bros. Corporation
Fiber and Plastic drums
Hoover Color Corporation
Natural and synthetic Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide green; blended colors for Concrete
Western (Montana) talc; Eastern Talc; Chlorite mineral pigments, Fledspar
Kinsley Materials
Calcium carbonate fillers and extenders
KLW Plastics
HDPE Tight Head Containers
Mason Color
Complex inorganic colored pigments (CICPs)
Mauser Corporation
15, 30, & 55 gallon Plastic drums - closed and open top
Dry ground calcium carbonates
PPG Industries
Hi-Sil® thixotropic silicas; Lo-Vel® flatting silicas
R.J. Marshall, Inc.
Alumina Trihydrate Solid Surface Fillers
Rehrig Pacific Corporation
Plastic Pails
Container closures, fittings, spigots and accessories
RT Vanderbilt
Air floated clays, Wollastonite, Veegum, and Pyrophyllite
Sigma Stretch Wrap
Stretch Wrap
Synray Corporation
Alkyd resins, High solids and water-reducible Alkyds; V-T and silicone Alkyds; resin plasticizers and phenolic varnishes
TiO2, Epoxy Resins
U. S. Gypsum Corp.
Plasters, Terra Alba, Calcium Sulfate fillers, extenders, flame-retardant materials
Air-float Clay, Wollastonite, Dry-Ground Mica