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Calcium Carbonate GPR-325

Calcium Carbonate GPR-325  50lbs


Calcium Carbonate

In paints and coatings, calcium carbonates are cost-effective multifunctional fillers that improve whiteness, opacity and matting. They make ideal replacements for titanium dioxide.

In plastics, engineered calcium carbonates improve the quality of breathable films for diapers, hygiene, medical and roofing applications. They are excellent reinforcement agents maximizing mechanical properties in PVC building profiles and flooring.

In paper production, calcium carbonates are cost-effective filler substitutes for wood fiber where they improve brightness and paper optics. As paper and paperboard coatings, they enhance whiteness and opacity as well as the printability of the finished paper.

In animal feedfood and beverage and pharmaceuticals, calcium carbonates provide a valuable source of the bone-building mineral, calcium.

In adhesives and sealants, finely ground calcium carbonates can be used at high loadings where they improve rheological properties, improve whiteness and opacity and generate cost savings.

In industry, limes are valued raw materials and process enablers for the steel industry, sugar industry, water treatment and the building industry. In oil and gas production, ground calcium carbonates reduce filtration loss in drilling fluid formulations.

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